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Hi, i'm Audrey!

I am a normal, middle class mom of 3, from Canada. I’m also a CPA, which obviously helps with a lot of aspects in a business, but my main job is about taking care of our community! In fact, to me it’s not only a job, it’s a mission.

Why I created the app.

The idea came when I felt lonely after I had my first child. It improved little by little but it all rushed back when I had my second child. But then, I discovered that I was not alone. 80% of all new moms say they felt lonely. 100% of us have questions on motherhood. I needed to connect with other moms, to exchange tips, share struggles, and just go for a walk, or to the park for a little mental relief. I was dreaming of a safe place tailored for us, mothers, where I can go to meet other moms from my area to connect with.

I decided to build that place where moms would encourage one another. An uplifting network of moms where we can cry together and also celebrate together. Where we can ask all our questions freely. I mean ALL of them! And finally, somewhere to go when we need relevant information, expert’s resources, to guide us in our wonderful motherhood journey!

We are all from different backgrounds but what unites us is our will to raise amazing children. 

It takes a village to raise a mom! Be part of it! 

You can easily find me on the app. See you there! Xxx

Audrey Poulin CEO