Online doctors for you and your family for CDN$ 44.95


Get video consultations with a doctor within an hour.

Or you can set an appointment around your schedule between 7 am and 9 pm.

Meet with a clinician in 3 days and a psychologist or psychiatrist in 3 weeks.

Get a diagnosis or a second opinion.

Our psychologist and psychiatrist from your province can validate if treatments are optimal for you or your children.

Then, let us find you the best treatment and the appropriate specialists in your area, suited for your diagnosis.

Let us find you the best specialists around you.

The list will include the date of the next available consultation for each specialist, so you can book an appointment as soon as possible.

Ask your questions and our team of physicians will do the research for you.

You will receive a secure file containing articles from trusted sources to answer your questions.

If necessary, contact details for paramedical professionals and institutions can be provided.

Have you received a diagnosis and need a second opinion?

Our team collects your medical information and will send it to a world-renowned expert to analyze your case.

The expert report and their resume will be sent to your doctor

In 68% of cases, our intervention leads to a change or modification of the diagnosis and in 87% chance of a change or modification of the treatment.

How does it work?

Your health and the health of your children are important. has partnered with Teladoc (the world’s largest telemedicine company) to provide this service to you.

Teladoc offers its services exclusively to large companies and does not deal directly with individuals.

We believe being a mom is a job, so why wouldn’t you be entitled to the same benefits as employees of large corporations?, therefore, acts as an intermediary to bring mothers together and to give them access to this service which would not be accessible to them otherwise.

There are other telemedicine providers in Canada, but no other has such a complete and affordable offer as and we would not have done it without the support of Teladoc which recognizes the contribution and the importance of mothers in our society.

We founded to help moms. Our first mission was to help them make friends given the high rate of maternal loneliness in our society.

As we built our community, we realized that the physical and mental health needs greatly increased the mental load on mothers and were a great source of stress for them.

We convinced Teladoc of the importance for a society that our mothers and children need to be healthy. So they made efforts to change their business model so that they could offer their services to the public through us.

No. Teladoc is a service sold directly to large companies. Since Teladoc recognizes that being a mom is a job in itself, acts as an intermediary as an employer would.