About us

Here is a little bit about us, but we would like to hear about you!

Hi, I'm Audrey.

I'm a mother of two. Timothy just turned six and Abigail is three. I gave birth to Timothy while living in Montreal. Many of my friends didn't have children at the time and they didn't understand how deeply my world and life had changed. It was simply surreal how, from one day to the next, my priorities changed. All of a sudden, I couldn't care less about stuff that had been important to me before Timothy was born and I had to let go of things that I had previously taken for granted (like daily showers and hot meals).

Only a mother can understand the discomfort of coughing (or laughing a little too hard!) after giving birth and the immeasurable joy and love felt when watching your baby sleep (especially when he or she doesn’t sleep much!).

I wanted to share all of this with my friends but I was worried that they wouldn't really understand. So I stayed alone. In fact, I felt alone for a long time. Eventually, I met other mothers who became close friends (or friends who were already moms – who I did not really understand before! – who became even closer) and it changed everything! Making baby food alone was a task, but with a friend it became an activity. Babies don’t often cry at the exact same time, so I always had someone to share challenges with.

With my new friends, I could share stories of my struggles that I didn't dare share on social media out of fear of being unfairly judged, since most people only want to show their best side online.

After a couple of months, my husband and I had to move out of the city to live in a small village. Being shy, it took me months to make new friends. Yes I was connected on social media, but I felt lonely. That is when I had the idea of a social media community just for moms.

I dreamed of a safe space online where I could be myself, talk about real stuff, and rejoice over things that only moms can understand. A place where moms could exchange tips, share experiences and help each other out. And, above all, I dreamed about the possibility of being able to find other new moms in my neighborhood without having to knock on every door to find a friend to walk with or have a coffee with (and reheat 3 times!).

So David and I decided to quit our jobs to build such a place.

We hope you enjoy it! Please send me your impressions at audrey@social.mom.

The world is how we perceive it. As mothers, we can change the world for our children as we help shape their perspective of it. Let’s be the mothers we want to be, together.

Social.mom is a place for happiness, peace and free hugs!

Be part of it!

Audrey Poulin, CEO